A Look Into my Life: Instagram Recap

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They always said the older you are, the faster time passes. This summer I couldn't agree more with that statement. But I've honestly just been enjoying it every second of it! 

Today I'm bringing you a look into my life via my Instagram and giving you little stories behind the photos. Stay tuned for lots of food, fashion and a few fun memories. 


Let's start here. – 

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I'm going to start off with the photo I just Instagrammed because it really hit my core (I'm a softie). I think subconsciously some of the reason haven't really done many fashion posts has been the constant battle with myself. Some days are great, but some are hard. But when I stumbled upon this quote after having an amazing day, I realized there is so much more to life. Continue to work on yourself but don't let your insecurities kill you. 

That's my love letter from me to you, now let's get into the fun stuff ;) 


Because what else would I have been doing this whole time away? 

(Pictured: Black truffle pasta with shrimp / Tappo Dinner Special)

If you know me, you know there are few things I love more than going out to eat! Out of all the places I've been in the last month or so, I am always craving Catina Loco crispy shrimp tacos. My boyfriend Dave works downtown so I'll sometimes meet him on his dinner break and this was the perfect stop! Paired with some queso to start, it's a meal I'd have again and again. 


Outfits & at home (yes, homes can be stylish).

Working at Blush, my everyday life is basically a never ending shopping trip. Especially with the change of season, we've been getting so many amazing fall pieces. I still can't decide if I want that sweater in olive or cream... (HELP!) 

As for my home pieces, I cannot tell you how much fun I've had decorating my space. I basically have free reign since my parents will be in and out visiting their retirement home in Puerto Rico. The second they left I immediately went to Target. Between finding an awesome home sale, treasure hunting for little decor pieces in my basement and printing my own graphics, I'm happy with how things came out. Next step: gallery wall. 



A little bit of everything...

What's summer without the memories? I think it'll be so cool to look back in this post on a dreary January day. I've got one more month to keep them coming! 

TTFN (all you old enough to know what that means, I applaud you.) 

Promise I won't be gone for long!

Here's to 24...

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Pretty much every day since I've gotten back from my mini trip to Pittsburgh, I've been reminiscing on how awesome my birthday was this year. If you know me, you know birthdays are my thing and I was not excited about 24.  It's just another weird limbo age! 

But to my boyfriend, my close friends and my blogger friends to came out who celebrated with me and helped make 24 memorable, THANK YOU. You guys are the reason I had such an awesome couple days! 

celebrations – DINNER & DRINKS

Now, let's into some lifestyle things because I still cannot get over my dinner at The Dapper Goose. You might've seen my photo spread on my Facebook (it's new if you're not following yet) or Instagram already but I'm going to give you a more detailed rundown of what we had! 

One of my favorite things to do when I'm out with friends is to order a bunch of small plates or sides and split them. I'm not a huge entree kind of girl. I like getting to taste a little bit of everything! This was plenty of food. I think if you're in a mood to go out to dinner and you're not sure what you want, but you want something different and delicious, get your butt to The Dapper Goose.

Not pictured - Side of fries (literally enough for the table) & the ricotta toast small plate which was so good we didn't even have time to take a picture of it! 


I finished the night off at the Angelica Tea Room and again, I'm obsessed with this place. I can't even describe it. You'll have to go see it for yourself! It was the perfect place for just a really freaking cool atmosphere and craft cocktails. 

Again thanks to everyone who helped me celebrate and the birthday wishes. You guys are the best. 

Here's to 24! 

May/June Roundup

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Since June is almost over and May flew by, I decided to combine the two and bring you a collective list monthly favorites list!  We're switching things up a little bit this time, but let's start with my favorite blogger of all time.



Instagram / @sincerelyjules 

Julie Sariñana of sincerelyjules.com

For this roundup, I'm featuring just one fashion blogger because Julie Sariñana deserves the spotlight. She started Sincerely Jules in 2009 and I have been a devoted follower ever since.I am obsessed with her style and her blog and Instagram aesthetic are both so amazing. She even has her own online boutique. I can't even tell you how often I find myself searching for her daily looks on Instagram. Go check her out, you'll thank me for the immense amount of style inspo you'll get from her later. 


Francesca Bond -  You might know Francesca from Vintage Lillies but she's also interning for Step Out Buffalo this summer and came up with this ULTIMATE patio list. It's bookmarked on my phone and has seriously become a go-to when I'm trying to figure out where to explore next! 

Instagram / @chessabond

Samantha Jo Gill of Kin and Kindling - I'm always looking for tips on home decor so it's no surprise that I loved Kin + Kindling's shelf styling tips! Samantha says her lifestyle and travel blog is her, "little corner of the internet where I can chronicle life as we know it: at home, on the road, and everywhere in-between – living out our grand adventures the best way we know how: with our family in tow." I can't wait to keep following along!

Instagram / @kinandkindling




ASOS  - I blame British YouTubers for my love affair with ASOS but I honestly cannot tell you how many things I've been loving lately. You'll see two of my new pieces in an upcoming summer whites blog post!! Like any online ordering, sizing can be difficult sometimes but with their super swift free returns, you'll be able to get it right so easily! For the most part, I'd say it's pretty true to size for ASOS own brand items but for brands like Boohoo, for example, I usually size up to be safe! What's awesome is they actually provide size charts for each brand they house, so you'll never have to second guess.

Style by LeDoux - We are adding to our summer collection at Style by LeDoux, I'm so excited what's coming in. (Literally going to buy half of our new items!!) If you don't already know, SBLD is a local online boutique I'm a brand manager for. I cannot wait to start styling these pieces for our upcoming photo shoot!

Here are a few of my favorite pieces.

Instagram / @stylebyledoux



SALLY HANSEN AIRBRUSH LEGS HAS SAVED MY LIFE. Yes, it sounds ridiculous but it's a God send. I only just recently got my summer tan going so for the entire month of May I was faking it. What's awesome about this product is  #1. a little goes a long way and #2 it washes right off! You don't have to worry about streakiness and it wearing off like you do with self-tanners! There's no scent and you really do get a flawless finish. My favorite way to use it is mixed with my Johnson and Johnson Shea Butter baby lotion. It's so easy to blend once it's sheered out with lotion! And if I'm feeling really extra for a night out I throw in a liquid bronze highlight in with my mixture for flawless legs that glow. I got the highlight tip from Lauren Elizabeth's video and I have been obsessed ever since. 

NYX dark circle concealer - Now that it's officially summer, I've got some color and my freckles are coming out to play so I don't always want a full coverage look. I've been addicted to this NYX concealer because it almost acts like a color corrector too. You can wear it on its own without it looking unnatural or underneath your brightening concealers for a flawless finish. For a quick morning, I just use an illuminating primer, dust on of powder foundation and bronzer and I'm out the door. 

I hope you've enjoyed this little switch up in my monthly roundup. That's all for now! 

Amusement Park Survival Guide

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Photo by Ryan Kell / Instagram @seekaxiom

Photo by Ryan Kell / Instagram @seekaxiom


My Memorial Day weekend was well spent with friends at Darien Lake and I can't wait to share my amusement park survival guide with you guys! 

Don't forget to visit http://www.darienlake.com/pepsi and use code PEPSI to get buy-one-get-one tickets! This awesome free deal runs until of June 25.  

These tips and tricks will make sure you’re well prepared.


One of the coolest parts about Darien Lake has definitely got to be their amenities! Whether you're just looking for a weekend getaway or entertaining family from out of town, the Cabin Villages are a perfect option! 

I stayed in Cabin Village A and they were adorable!  I’d definitely call this “glamping.” If you've ever seen "Tiny House" on HGTV, that's the vibe you get in these tricked out cabins. With a full kitchen, refrigerator, fireplace and AC, you'll be able to customize your stay however you please. 

With a spacious sleeping loft, pull out couch, bunk beds and queen size bed, a family of 4-5 adults fits comfortably! 

I'd say if you're planning on getting a cabin, definitely come prepared with charcoal for the grill, firewood, and of course, smores essentials. 

You'll also need:

• Pillows, sleeping bags/blankets - especially if you plan on utilizing the loft! 
• Food - because there are a refrigerator and charcoal grill, you could totally whip up your own meal for breakfast or a last night snack
• Toiletries – the cabins have a full bathroom, which means you'll be able to refresh yourself after a long day at the park. While mini shampoo and conditioners are provided, I always like to bring my own. Bath & BodyWorks aromatherapy lavender vanilla body wash puts me right to sleep! 


I like to bring a medium size crossbody bag whenever I'm going to be out and about all day.  These are some of my essentials. 

THE GIANT WHEEL / Photo by Ryan Kell / Instagram @seekaxiom

THE GIANT WHEEL / Photo by Ryan Kell / Instagram @seekaxiom

1. A map: if you're not familiar with the park, having a map is super handy. Sometimes not everyone in your group will be a ride fanatic, so having a common meeting place, like The Giant Wheel, is a great idea. You can't miss it! 

2. Beauty essentials  & Sunglasses: Some of the beauty products I like to keep on hand in the summertime are setting powder, a little brush, concealer, my beauty blender and refreshing wipes. Summer means hot weather and as a Buffalonian, I'm not a fan of 80 degrees unless I'm at a beach. These essentials will get you through your day and be available for quick touch ups! 

Whatever you do, don't bring your $200+ sunglasses with you! I'm one of those people who'd totally rather be safe than sorry! And while I love my RayBans and Quay sunnies, I like to take care of them. I'm constantly just throwing my sunglasses back in my purse while I'm at the park so bring a pair that's easily replaceable. My trendy mirrored pair were just $10 on Amazon!


My last tip includes two of my favorite things: food and rides. Now I'm the one that says, "Let's get on the Twister!" not realizing all of my friends haven eaten a huge meal. The reason I'm always ready for rides is that I really make it a point to share my food. If I know I'm going to be twisting and turning , I think this is such an easy way to avoid getting an upset stomach.

Plan a part of your evening where you decide that you're done with rides and then you can eat all the fried dough in the world. I swear DL's fried dough is the size of a pizza! Seven of us were able to share it. 

I hope this little survival guide inspires you to take a trip to Darien Lake this summer! I had so much fun during my stay there and it really brought back some of my favorite childhood memories. Thank you Darien Lake for your amazing hospitality ( Mary you were amazing!)

I know I'll be back at DL later this summer. Once that heat wave hits, I'm so ready for some fun at Splash Town.

Til next time! 

Summer Sandal Edit

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It was a sad, sad morning when I realized Nine West at the outlet mall was closing. But with every store closure, that means crazy blowout sales. Everything was $15-$20 so get your butt over to the mall before their last day June 25!! There were still so many styles to choose from. 

The last few days I've had such good luck with shoes, from finding a style at Target (one of my favorite places for trendy shoes) that I've lusted after forever and the NW sale, I was totally inspired to write today's blog post. 

I'm going to go through a few of my favorite summer sandal styles and how I like to wear them! 


I have been hunting for a pair of sandals like this for almost a year now. I remember first seeing them on a couple British bloggers when Public Desire first had their claim to fame. Thankfully, patience is a virtue. I snagged up a pair at Target with a lower heel that's perfect for everyday. I love anything that goes up the ankle since I think it really elongates the leg rather than cutting it off with a normal ankle strap. 



shoes 2.jpg

Now, for summertime, I always try and make it my goal to find a bold pair of this style. Yes, I know that defeats the perfect of "classic" but my bold just happens to be a pair that's a denim material. I think you can't go wrong with a block heel sandal. Not only are you getting comfort, you're getting a wearable look that won't get dated and will last from season to season! My denim ones were only $20 from today's sale so I'm a happy camper! There are so many different heel heights in this style of sandal, too. I usually find that 2-2.5" are best for all day/everyday wear. 




So, while block heels are without a doubt my summer favorites, I will say I have so much fun with flat sandals. I find that this is such an easy way to change up a look. Whether you go with a gladiator style for a more boho look or embellishment to dress up an outfit, there are so many options out there. I usually wear mine to pieces by the end of summer, so I was super excited to add a pair to my collection! 


That's all I have for you today! Now, get to shopping. ;)