Top travel tips

The loud busyness of an airport, followed by the calm once you finally buckle your seatbelt on your flight- the build up can be stressful.

What do I pack? What do I bring on the plane? What do I do on my layover?

If you're not familiar with airports and flying it can all be a little daunting. But with years of going to and from Puerto Rico and falling in love with the jungle that is the airport, I think I've figured out some of my gold standard travel tips.


I will admit, I have been the queen of Over-Packers Anonymous in my day. A fifty pound suitcase and I'd end up in the same few pieces over and over. Take your favorite pieces from your wardrobe and style around them to mix and match.

 Figure out the weather and what you'll be doing on your trip. Ask yourself, are you going out at night? How many shoes do you REALLY need? (That's always the hardest one.)

Normally I choose to check a bag, but in the event you don't want to, duffle bags are great to carry on. My favorite kind have a zipper compartment on the bottom- perfect place to fit your shoes. (Yay, more space for shoes!!) This kind of bag is my ideal weekend trips.

Now let's say you decide to check a bag, and are just carrying on a personal item. You could a: still use a duffle, maybe have a change of clothes with you if you need to go somewhere straight from the airport or b: use a big tote or backpack.

For totes my #1 thing to do is COMPARTMENTALIZE.  I bring little individual pouches to organize your essentials (I just use little wristlets and makeup bags). Usually I have three "compartments." 

1. Electronics: This pouch houses a portable charger, headphones, any other plugs/chargers
2. Skincare and makeup: Depending on what I wore to the airport I'll bring some skincare bits to touch up. One thing I always bring is a facial spray. My favorites are travel size Lush toners or a rose water. (Evian works too)! These are especially nice if you're going on a trip to somewhere hot. There's nothing more refreshing than rehydrating your skin after a long flight!  
3. Travel documents: Usually this is my wallet. My favorite to use for travel lately is my Kate Spade wristlet that has enough space to fold up boarding passes and keep my passport. It has card slots which make sure everything stays organized. Finding a wristlet with card slots or an oversize wallet will ensure you don't lose anything!  

Miscellaneous items usually include a book and/or an iPad depending on my layover length. Wi-Fi and Netflix are a Godsend on crazy layovers!

So there you have it. These little tricks have yet to fail me! Hoping all of you traveling for the holidays fly safe! Bon voyage.