Holidays in the tropics

After a long night of travel, I arrived at my second home in Aguadilla Puerto Rico at approximately 6:30 a.m. on Christmas day. There is no better present than 75 degree morning with a warm breeze. 

My family has started a new tradition of coming to the island for Christmas for the last two years. As an adult, I'm appreciating it so much more. From beaches, to touristy day trips, and lots of food- I've had a jam packed vacation.

WWA: What we ate

There are few things I love more than food. 

Firstly, I would like to point out, there is nothing like coconut water straight from a coconut. My mom and I ended up cracking it open and eating the actual coconut pulp when we were finished! Along with pina coladas, this is my beverage of choice when living the island life. 

My favorite meal of the trip so far was definitely dinner at Hotel Villa Cofresi a few towns away in Rincon. I ended up getting mahi mahi with a cilantro cream sauce, fresh veggies, and a long crunchy plaintain on top. It was so fresh and like nothing I'd had before! I'm dying to go back and try the salmon with that sauce. 

Luckily, I usually don't have to drive that far for good food! Where I live when I'm here, we've got some solid restaurants that attract people from all over. Pellot pizza is unlike any other pizza I've had. I'm pretty sure they don't use a red sauce! I get the plain cheese and it's so crispy and somehow seasoned well enough that you forget the sauce is gone. It is one of the most famous pizzerias we have in Puerto Rico, and it just so happens to be in Aguadilla.

The latest addition to my neighborhood is Levain Artisan Breads. Not only do they specialize in artisan breads, their brunch is fantastic. I got the last batch of eggs Benedict the other morning and subbed the classic Canadian bacon for smoked salmon. 

β€’ More brunch options from Levain β€’

WWD: What we did

Like anyone going on vacation my first order of business was definitely trying to build a tan! Crashboat beach is about ten minutes away from the house. You can see how crystal clear blue the water is. It's my little slice of paradise. There's absolutely nothing better than a day at the beach with your best friend, or even by yourself, and completely letting go of any stress you're experiencing. I'm sad I couldn't go everyday! 

Between relaxing days at the beach and picture perfect beach sunsets at dinner, my next "must-do" was a day trip to Old San Juan.

About a two hour drive from Aguadilla, Old San Juan literally looks like a postcard at every turn. It's the place to go in Puerto Rico if you're every visiting. Bright colored buildings, tons of shopping, and so much history- it's tourist heaven.

If you're ever in Puerto Rico on vacation, this is my list of things to do.

1. Old San Juan hotspots: Fortaleza (the oldest governor's mansion), El Morro fort, Barrachina (where they invented the piΓ±a colada), the flag door on Calle San Jose

2. Plaza Las Americas: though I didn't go this trip this three story mall is heaven, and they have Zara!  

3.  West coast beaches: Crashboat in Aguadilla, Jobos in Isabela (known for surfing!)

4. Rincon, Puerto Rico: Awesome beach life (also great for surfing),  go get a Pirate Coconut at Villa Cofresi (three different kinds of rum with coconut water- pure deliciousness, and you only need one)

I already cannot wait to go back in March for Spring break! See you soon Isla del Encanto.