Quick & Easy Breakfast

It's post-superbowl Monday, and after eating my weight in amazing food last night, I really wanted to whip up something on the healthier side to start my day off right. Breakfast seems to be one of the hardest meals for me because I'm always running out the door, but because I had a little more time today, I put some effort in and this is what I came up with. It really only took me 10 minutes. Here's my go-to breakfast. I'd say it's really a compilation of my favorite things. 

When I opened the freezer and saw my dad had bought this frozen fruit and veggie blend I was SO pumped. If I could go to Ashker's to get a smoothie daily, I would. But sadly I don't live in the Elmwood village and driving 15-20 minutes just to go to breakfast is a bit much.

So I got out my Magic Bullet, added about 1/2 of the individual blended bag, and some apple juice. I noticed that these bags are made for large blenders though. I was able to make two smoothies with the Bullet, so naturally, my dad was pretty excited!

My suggestion if you don't have the fruit and veggie blend is to just use whatever fruit you have around (I still like frozen berries because they last longer) and add some spinach! Same effect. I personally like mixing with apple juice but depending on what fruit I'm using I'll add almond milk. I find citrus goes better with apple juice, and berries go well with almond milk. 

Next up was my favorite part of any meal: carbs. I love bread- bagels, sourdough, baguettes, English muffins, you name it. Today I went with an onion bagel. I feel a little less guilty if I only eat half of it! My latest obsession is salmon cream cheese. I really love going to Spot Coffee and getting their fresh lox on a bagel, but this gives you a similar effect for about half the price. 

My final part of breakfast gave my sweet tooth some satisfaction. Vanilla greek yogurt, blackberries, and bear Naked vanilla almond granola. Today I just used Chobani, but my absolute favorite greek yogurt is the Trade Joes vanilla bean. It literally tastes like ice cream. I love adding berries, blackberries in particular because they're so sweet and pair really well with the flavor of the granola. If I don't have any berries, I usually use a banana.

And voila, breakfast is served.