May/June Roundup

Since June is almost over and May flew by, I decided to combine the two and bring you a collective list monthly favorites list!  We're switching things up a little bit this time, but let's start with my favorite blogger of all time.



Instagram / @sincerelyjules 

Julie Sariñana of

For this roundup, I'm featuring just one fashion blogger because Julie Sariñana deserves the spotlight. She started Sincerely Jules in 2009 and I have been a devoted follower ever since.I am obsessed with her style and her blog and Instagram aesthetic are both so amazing. She even has her own online boutique. I can't even tell you how often I find myself searching for her daily looks on Instagram. Go check her out, you'll thank me for the immense amount of style inspo you'll get from her later. 


Francesca Bond -  You might know Francesca from Vintage Lillies but she's also interning for Step Out Buffalo this summer and came up with this ULTIMATE patio list. It's bookmarked on my phone and has seriously become a go-to when I'm trying to figure out where to explore next! 

Instagram / @chessabond

Samantha Jo Gill of Kin and Kindling - I'm always looking for tips on home decor so it's no surprise that I loved Kin + Kindling's shelf styling tips! Samantha says her lifestyle and travel blog is her, "little corner of the internet where I can chronicle life as we know it: at home, on the road, and everywhere in-between – living out our grand adventures the best way we know how: with our family in tow." I can't wait to keep following along!

Instagram / @kinandkindling




ASOS  - I blame British YouTubers for my love affair with ASOS but I honestly cannot tell you how many things I've been loving lately. You'll see two of my new pieces in an upcoming summer whites blog post!! Like any online ordering, sizing can be difficult sometimes but with their super swift free returns, you'll be able to get it right so easily! For the most part, I'd say it's pretty true to size for ASOS own brand items but for brands like Boohoo, for example, I usually size up to be safe! What's awesome is they actually provide size charts for each brand they house, so you'll never have to second guess.

Style by LeDoux - We are adding to our summer collection at Style by LeDoux, I'm so excited what's coming in. (Literally going to buy half of our new items!!) If you don't already know, SBLD is a local online boutique I'm a brand manager for. I cannot wait to start styling these pieces for our upcoming photo shoot!

Here are a few of my favorite pieces.

Instagram / @stylebyledoux



SALLY HANSEN AIRBRUSH LEGS HAS SAVED MY LIFE. Yes, it sounds ridiculous but it's a God send. I only just recently got my summer tan going so for the entire month of May I was faking it. What's awesome about this product is  #1. a little goes a long way and #2 it washes right off! You don't have to worry about streakiness and it wearing off like you do with self-tanners! There's no scent and you really do get a flawless finish. My favorite way to use it is mixed with my Johnson and Johnson Shea Butter baby lotion. It's so easy to blend once it's sheered out with lotion! And if I'm feeling really extra for a night out I throw in a liquid bronze highlight in with my mixture for flawless legs that glow. I got the highlight tip from Lauren Elizabeth's video and I have been obsessed ever since. 

NYX dark circle concealer - Now that it's officially summer, I've got some color and my freckles are coming out to play so I don't always want a full coverage look. I've been addicted to this NYX concealer because it almost acts like a color corrector too. You can wear it on its own without it looking unnatural or underneath your brightening concealers for a flawless finish. For a quick morning, I just use an illuminating primer, dust on of powder foundation and bronzer and I'm out the door. 

I hope you've enjoyed this little switch up in my monthly roundup. That's all for now! 

April Roundup

It's time for another monthly roundup! See my fashion, beauty and local favs up on the blog now. Featuring Blush & Brett Andersen


1. Cortney Bigelow of The Grey Edit – I stumbled upon Cortney’s blog after she followed me on Instagram a while back and let me tell you, I’m obsessed. Not only is she stunning, her aesthetic is so similar to mine that I find myself searching for her for daily outfit inspo a lot. If you’re into effortless cool-girl fashion, definitely go follow her! One of my favorite looks of hers this month was “Rooftop Ruffles.” I love how she styled such a fun statement piece.

Instagram / @thegreyedit


2. Allana Davison is yet another Youtuber I adore. My favorite content from her from the month of April was her fashion haul in preparation for Coachella. I really enjoyed how she kept all the pieces she bought really catered to her own personal style instead of trying to get super out of her comfort zone and Vanessa Hudgens boho. She also has great lifestyle content and I’m in love with her Vancouver apartment and how she's been decorating it! (Sitting here forever wishing I was Canadian and could go shop at Aritzia...thank goodness Toronto is so close to us.)

Instagram / @allanaramaa


1. Tati is literally GOALS. I'm serious. She's everything I want to be when I grow up and so down to earth. I love her "wtf" series where she tries out outrageously priced makeup products to see if they're worth the hype. Recently though, her "5 minute smokey eye" tutorial has saved my morning routine. I'm so used to having such a long makeup process that I'm always looking for ways to chop down some time (and sleep in a little longer). 

Instagram / @glamlifeguru

2. Tanya Burr was one of the very first Youtubers I started watching almost seven years ago. This British beauty not only has her own makeup line now but also wrote her own cookbook. While all her lifestyle content has definitely been awesome, I do still love a good old makeup tutorial. The bold orange lip she paired with her simple eye look in her "spring drugstore makeup" video is definitely on my wishlist. 

Instagram / @tanyaburr


1. As some of you may know, I began working at Blush boutique recently and I cannot be happier. It's amazing to be a part of a team with such strong women I've looked up to for years now and getting to really experience working in fashion. And congrats on your bundle of joy, Lex! You're going to be such a beautiful mom. 

Instagram / @blushbuffalo

2. Some of you might remember the name Brett Andersen from my "Daily Look: Chunky cardigan" blog post a couple weeks back. I wanted to give him another shoutout because my friends inspire me on a daily basis. Couple months ago he wanted to learn about photography, so he bought a camera and is doing just that! I can't wait to see how far he can go. Make sure to follow him on Instagram (and on Twitter too if you're looking for a good laugh). 

Instagram / @fouryearbrett

March Roundup

Not sure if it's just me but I feel like the month of March flew by! Can't believe spring is almost here. Let's hope our Buffalo weather cooperates, shall we? 

Today I'm bringing you the second installment of my monthly roundup series. I've definitely got some good ones! 


1. Caitlin Covington of Southern Curls and Pearls is another blogger I've been following for ages. I think she's got that Southern Belle vibe down to a tee. My favorite look of heres from this month has definitely got to be "One Shoulder Ruffles in Charleston." She always knows how to make capsule pieces pop up by just accessorizing! 

Instagram / @cmcoving

2. I first discovered Samantha from here Youtube channel where I go hooked on her hauls and styling videos. But her blog is absolutely stunning! I love seeing the way British girls dress just because they're so elegant and experiment with trends first. Her latest look "Fuzzy Feelings" features a pair of cropped ruffle hem trousers that I am totally obsessed with.

Instagram / @samanthamariaofficial



1. Kayley Melissa is my go-to girl for all things hair. When I was in Charlotte this past month, I only brought my hair straighter but there was one night where I really wanted some pretty waves. Since I totally suck at the traditional curling method with the straightener where you have to twist your hair, I was super excited to find her video demonstrating an easier way to do it! Took a little practice but I was so happy with my beachy results. 

Instagram / @kayleymelissa

2. Casey Holmes is total goals. I'm obsessed with her Youtube videos and find that since we have very similar skin types, her foundation reviews are always so helpful. Not only is she beautiful, she's so real. Casey has such a fun personality you'll feel like you're watching your best friend. I'm dying to get my hands on her highlighter palette she just launched with Smashbox. It'll be so stunning for glowy makeup this summer!

Instagram / @caseyholmes91



1. If you're from Buffalo and haven't heard the name Rachel Good, you must living be under a rock! Not only is she a dear friend but through her repertoire of event planning in the fashion community, I have her to thank for a lot of my experience. I'm super excited to be on her team once again for the Buffalo Spree Spring Style show as well as Color the Runway 2017. Keep killin' it, Rach! 

Instagram / @rachelgood

2. Naa Quaye is such a #girlboss. She's launched her own clothing line after the idea was planted in her head four years ago when she took a trip to Ghana. When I asked her why she simply said, "I loved everything about the fabrics, prints and patters, so I told myself I needed to design my own collection one day. African people and culture is what inspires me everyday." Did I mention she sings, too? This girl is definitely going places, I can feel it! 

Instagram / @nkmstyling


I am so pumped about my room revamp that is finally a reality. I've been doing a few things here and there, which you would've seen in some of my latest instagram posts, but with painters schedules and a few art prints ordered I am seriously so excited to see my vision finally come to life. You will see a final update blog post sooner than I expected! 

If you're looking to make a gallery wall yourself, I've uploaded two prints I edited. Go ahead and use them! We can match ;). 

It's safe to say March was a crazy but amazing month. I cannot wait to see what April has in store!

February Roundup

I decided since I spend so much time watching fashion and beauty videos, reading blogs and supporting other local bloggers, I'd start a new series where I share some of my favorite posts from the month.  Think of it as a "February Favorites" video on Youtube, just in a different format.


  1. Julia Hengel of Gal Meets Glam was the first fashion blogger I ever came across years ago and has been a favorite ever since. One of her posts this month "Pink & Palm Print" was giving me major summer vibes and made me miss my pink house in Puerto Rico.
    Instagram / @juliahengel
  2. Ashley Brooke has quickly become one of my ALL TIME favorite Youtubers, and that's saying something. This Texas girl living in NYC has given me so much outfit inspiration over the last couple months with her "How to Style" series.
    Instagram /@itsashbrooke
  3. Alexandrea Garza and her husband are total goals. Not only does she vlog their everyday life and share her decor, fitness and they're adorable dog Colby, her main channel is full of fashion and beauty videos that are so well done. My current favorites are her Hawaii travel vlogs " & "How to Be Stylish on a Budget." 
    Instagram / @alexandreagarza



I have to say, Youtube beauty gurus and I have been in a committed relationship since about 2012. This is how I learn about makeup and these are some channels I've been loving.

1. Becca Bristow gives you the best of both worlds. Yes, she has beauty content on her channel but she's also a registered dietitian and has awesome healthy what-I-eat-in-a-day videos & advice. In her  "The Skinny On" series she compares products in the same category, explains ingredients and gives an educational outlook on which product is best. This is great for anyone trying to avoid added sugars or just looking to lead a healthier lifestyle! My favorites are on protein powder & pasta sauce.
Instagram / @beccamariebristow


2. Jaime Paige is probably the newest beauty guru I've come across but omg I totally binged. Being on the market for a new concealer, her "5 Best & Worst" video was awesome. I feel like we have similar skin types so it was so helpful!
Instagram / @jamiepaigebeauty



1. Sushmitha is the brains behind Miss Minus Sized and I was so pleased to hear her at the February Buffalo Blogging Network meet up. Her latest post is featuring one of my favorite spring trends, gingham!
Instagram / @missminussized

2. Ryan Kell (aka Seek Axiom) has been killing it in the photography department. I'm super excited for him to team up with me for my Once and For All Clothing collab, I'll sit here and look at his photos from his latest group photoshoot. Caralyn Mirand is in the photo I featured ; she is stunning. (It was awesome to meet you!)
Instagram / @seekaxiom & @caralynmirand


That's all for this month! Hoping after my road trip this weekend I'll have a favorite podcast to share in March.