Amusement Park Survival Guide

 Photo by Ryan Kell /  Instagram @seekaxiom

Photo by Ryan Kell / Instagram @seekaxiom


My Memorial Day weekend was well spent with friends at Darien Lake and I can't wait to share my amusement park survival guide with you guys! 

Don't forget to visit and use code PEPSI to get buy-one-get-one tickets! This awesome free deal runs until of June 25.  

These tips and tricks will make sure you’re well prepared.


One of the coolest parts about Darien Lake has definitely got to be their amenities! Whether you're just looking for a weekend getaway or entertaining family from out of town, the Cabin Villages are a perfect option! 

I stayed in Cabin Village A and they were adorable!  I’d definitely call this “glamping.” If you've ever seen "Tiny House" on HGTV, that's the vibe you get in these tricked out cabins. With a full kitchen, refrigerator, fireplace and AC, you'll be able to customize your stay however you please. 

With a spacious sleeping loft, pull out couch, bunk beds and queen size bed, a family of 4-5 adults fits comfortably! 

I'd say if you're planning on getting a cabin, definitely come prepared with charcoal for the grill, firewood, and of course, smores essentials. 

You'll also need:

• Pillows, sleeping bags/blankets - especially if you plan on utilizing the loft! 
• Food - because there are a refrigerator and charcoal grill, you could totally whip up your own meal for breakfast or a last night snack
• Toiletries – the cabins have a full bathroom, which means you'll be able to refresh yourself after a long day at the park. While mini shampoo and conditioners are provided, I always like to bring my own. Bath & BodyWorks aromatherapy lavender vanilla body wash puts me right to sleep! 


I like to bring a medium size crossbody bag whenever I'm going to be out and about all day.  These are some of my essentials. 

 THE GIANT WHEEL / Photo by Ryan Kell /  Instagram @seekaxiom

THE GIANT WHEEL / Photo by Ryan Kell / Instagram @seekaxiom

1. A map: if you're not familiar with the park, having a map is super handy. Sometimes not everyone in your group will be a ride fanatic, so having a common meeting place, like The Giant Wheel, is a great idea. You can't miss it! 

2. Beauty essentials  & Sunglasses: Some of the beauty products I like to keep on hand in the summertime are setting powder, a little brush, concealer, my beauty blender and refreshing wipes. Summer means hot weather and as a Buffalonian, I'm not a fan of 80 degrees unless I'm at a beach. These essentials will get you through your day and be available for quick touch ups! 

Whatever you do, don't bring your $200+ sunglasses with you! I'm one of those people who'd totally rather be safe than sorry! And while I love my RayBans and Quay sunnies, I like to take care of them. I'm constantly just throwing my sunglasses back in my purse while I'm at the park so bring a pair that's easily replaceable. My trendy mirrored pair were just $10 on Amazon!


My last tip includes two of my favorite things: food and rides. Now I'm the one that says, "Let's get on the Twister!" not realizing all of my friends haven eaten a huge meal. The reason I'm always ready for rides is that I really make it a point to share my food. If I know I'm going to be twisting and turning , I think this is such an easy way to avoid getting an upset stomach.

Plan a part of your evening where you decide that you're done with rides and then you can eat all the fried dough in the world. I swear DL's fried dough is the size of a pizza! Seven of us were able to share it. 

I hope this little survival guide inspires you to take a trip to Darien Lake this summer! I had so much fun during my stay there and it really brought back some of my favorite childhood memories. Thank you Darien Lake for your amazing hospitality ( Mary you were amazing!)

I know I'll be back at DL later this summer. Once that heat wave hits, I'm so ready for some fun at Splash Town.

Til next time! 

Summer Sandal Edit


It was a sad, sad morning when I realized Nine West at the outlet mall was closing. But with every store closure, that means crazy blowout sales. Everything was $15-$20 so get your butt over to the mall before their last day June 25!! There were still so many styles to choose from. 

The last few days I've had such good luck with shoes, from finding a style at Target (one of my favorite places for trendy shoes) that I've lusted after forever and the NW sale, I was totally inspired to write today's blog post. 

I'm going to go through a few of my favorite summer sandal styles and how I like to wear them! 


I have been hunting for a pair of sandals like this for almost a year now. I remember first seeing them on a couple British bloggers when Public Desire first had their claim to fame. Thankfully, patience is a virtue. I snagged up a pair at Target with a lower heel that's perfect for everyday. I love anything that goes up the ankle since I think it really elongates the leg rather than cutting it off with a normal ankle strap. 



shoes 2.jpg

Now, for summertime, I always try and make it my goal to find a bold pair of this style. Yes, I know that defeats the perfect of "classic" but my bold just happens to be a pair that's a denim material. I think you can't go wrong with a block heel sandal. Not only are you getting comfort, you're getting a wearable look that won't get dated and will last from season to season! My denim ones were only $20 from today's sale so I'm a happy camper! There are so many different heel heights in this style of sandal, too. I usually find that 2-2.5" are best for all day/everyday wear. 




So, while block heels are without a doubt my summer favorites, I will say I have so much fun with flat sandals. I find that this is such an easy way to change up a look. Whether you go with a gladiator style for a more boho look or embellishment to dress up an outfit, there are so many options out there. I usually wear mine to pieces by the end of summer, so I was super excited to add a pair to my collection! 


That's all I have for you today! Now, get to shopping. ;) 

FEATURE: The Boss Diary

INTERVIEW: How To Be A Successful Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger: Meet Lucy Lopez

So excited to say that Naa Kwaley (a.ka. Nkay) is featuring an interview with me over on The Boss Diary! You might remember me mentioning her in my March Roundup.

Nkay is back with yet another new project, The Boss Diary.

Here's what she had to say about our interview – 

"There was no way I could teach my audience about social media and branding without showing them. Lucy Lopez is a Fashion & Lifestlye Blogger with a stong social media presence. Her Instagram feed is like looking at a magazine, and I knew I had to feature her on my blog. I want upcoming fashion bloggers and business women to see her story and learn from her success." 

 Hope you take a peak! Thanks for the feature babe!


 Naa Kwaley, founder –  "I started The Boss Diary for two reasons: I wanted to create a blog that blended everything I was passionate about - business, social media, and fashion, and to also create a network for female entrepreneurs. I want to focus on women who are starting a Fashion & Lifestyle blog or a business. Within the next couple weeks, I will open a Membership site. Women can join my network and become exclusive VIP Members. They will receive all sorts of tools, worksheets, online courses and more when they join. In addition to becoming a member, I will also offer Private Coaching Services. Finally, I created a Facebook Group that is open to all women, regardless if they own a fashion blog or business. Part of The Boss Diary is giving women daily motivation, and I wanted to be sure to include women from all areas of expertise and demographics. "

Naa Kwaley, founder –  "I started The Boss Diary for two reasons: I wanted to create a blog that blended everything I was passionate about - business, social media, and fashion, and to also create a network for female entrepreneurs. I want to focus on women who are starting a Fashion & Lifestyle blog or a business. Within the next couple weeks, I will open a Membership site. Women can join my network and become exclusive VIP Members. They will receive all sorts of tools, worksheets, online courses and more when they join. In addition to becoming a member, I will also offer Private Coaching Services. Finally, I created a Facebook Group that is open to all women, regardless if they own a fashion blog or business. Part of The Boss Diary is giving women daily motivation, and I wanted to be sure to include women from all areas of expertise and demographics. "

What to Wear: Amusment Parks

This post is sponsored by Pepsi and Darien Lake Theme Park Resort. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

One of my favorite things to do in the summer time is to take a trip to an amusement park. From being eight years old begging my dad to let me get on the Viper alone, I've always been a ride junkie. The higher the roller coaster the better! Thanks to Pepsi and Darien Lake I'll be spending Memorial Day at the park with friends and spending the night in one of their on-site cabins. 

What better way to say hello to summer? 

Darien Lake is known for always having awesome ways to save. This season you can visit and use code PEPSI to redeem a free deal on buy-one-get-one tickets!

I always try and find a way to make my outfits picture ready when I'm doing something fun. I want to be ready for those Instagrams! Throughout my many summers of visiting Darien Lake and other amusement parks, I've figured out some ride-proof, comfortable but cute looks to get you through a long day of fun at the park. 



If you've been shopping recently, you know that this is the summer of rompers. There are so many different options out there!  Layer a jacket and your favorite sneakers or slip ons for an effortless but comfortable look that's perfect for walking around all day! 


All you need for this look is your favorite pair of jeans and your comfiest pair of sandals. I find that sometimes it's easier for me to wear a pair of sandals instead of sneakers when I'm at an amusement park. I have this irrational fear of losing a shoe while on a ride! So if I have the option to take them off I definitely will. My Birkenstocks have been my tried and true comfy sandals but you can different sandals made for walkin' lots of places!





Now it might be too cold to be at the waterparks when I'm at Darien Lake but they are seriously so much fun, especially on a steamy 80-degree day. If you're planning on going to the waterpark later in the day but want to start on the rides first, my suggestion is to hop on the one piece bathing suit bandwagon and wear one with a pair of shorts. You'll be ready to take on the Tornado in Splashtown! Bring an extra top and a pair of flip flops and you'll be set. 


Hope everyone has an awesome holiday weekend! 

NEW IN: Sephora & Free People

So in the fashion that YouTubers do hauls, I decided to bring that to the blogosphere. After a fun mommy-daughter day of shopping, I decided the things I bought are too good not to share! 


As some of you out there already know, there's nothing like stocking up on your favorite products! Here are a few of mine. 

MOROCCANOIL TREATMENT LIGHT (0.85oz/$15)– The minute I run out of this, I notice a different in my hair. It's such a mix-use product. I use it before I blowdry, it leaves my naturalhair frizz-free and I can use it throughout the next few days to tame flyaways or liven up my locks after a long day. I also love to run it through my ends after I use dry shampoo. I know it must seem silly to use an oil after you're trying to get rid of oily hair but trust me, it works. I find that sometimes my hair can look lifeless after dry shampoo and this counteracts that.  I go with the "light" version simply because my hair is prone to being weighed down so if you have finer hair, go with this one! The small bottle lasts me about 3 months.

GLAMGLOW SUPERMUD CLEARING TREATMENT ($22) – Glamglow has been ahead of the game in the face mask department for years, but the price tag can seem astronomical. My tip is to buy the travel size pots! While it might not look like a ton of product, it really does last a long time. I mask every two weeks can get at least 7-10 uses with this particular mask and even more longevity with their hydrating mask. 

This charcoal-based product draws out all the impurities in your skin and it's amazing. As it dries, the parts of your skin with a lot of build up stay a darker color, which I particularly find helpful so I know where to target my skin products. If you want to make it last longer, you can use this mask as a spot treatment and only put it on your problem areas. If I do this I put it where I get the most breakouts or blackheads on my nose, forehead and chin. 

TOO FACE BORN THIS WAY FOUNDATION ($39) – I'm one of those girls who's probably tried 75% of the foundations at Sephora and I still run back to this one. As much as a love Estee Lauder Doublewear, it can look very thick if you're not careful. That never happens with this one! The natural-matte finish is buildable and really does look like skin. The key to beautiful makeup is really skincare, but even on a day where I'm feeling dull and dry, this product saves the day! Get yourself a sample and thank me later. 


I have been in love with Free People for ages. So long in fact, that I really know how to shop in their sales. While I will invest on the occasional special piece, there are ways to shop around their higher price tag. One way is to look in the Lord & Taylor section! Not only to they always have coupons and sales off of clearance, their selection still has fairly new items. I got a sweater I was lusting after for $25 !!! Yes, you read that right.  It was the steal of the day and I am obsessed with the fit. 

If clothes could speak, this white patterned number would scream, "SUMMER!" I love the kimono style and side tie detail. I feel like it fits in with my wardrobe perfectly. With super soft fabric and a subtle boho vibe, I know I'm going to wear this to death. Sadly I couldn't find it to link online but Lord & Taylor also had a coral and blue color combination!

This is the famous $25 sweater. Like I said I've wanted this for ages, and I'm so happy to call it mine! I love that while it still fits slouchy, it also still gives you a shape. As much as I love a good oversize sweater, sometimes I want something a little more flattering, especially for date nights. I can already imagine this in the summer with a pair of white shorts and I'm super excited. There were a few different colors on the sale with an additional 50-percent off! 

I'm signing off for now. I hope all of you out there had a wonderful day celebrating Mother's Day.

April Roundup

It's time for another monthly roundup! See my fashion, beauty and local favs up on the blog now. Featuring Blush & Brett Andersen


1. Cortney Bigelow of The Grey Edit – I stumbled upon Cortney’s blog after she followed me on Instagram a while back and let me tell you, I’m obsessed. Not only is she stunning, her aesthetic is so similar to mine that I find myself searching for her for daily outfit inspo a lot. If you’re into effortless cool-girl fashion, definitely go follow her! One of my favorite looks of hers this month was “Rooftop Ruffles.” I love how she styled such a fun statement piece.

Instagram / @thegreyedit


2. Allana Davison is yet another Youtuber I adore. My favorite content from her from the month of April was her fashion haul in preparation for Coachella. I really enjoyed how she kept all the pieces she bought really catered to her own personal style instead of trying to get super out of her comfort zone and Vanessa Hudgens boho. She also has great lifestyle content and I’m in love with her Vancouver apartment and how she's been decorating it! (Sitting here forever wishing I was Canadian and could go shop at Aritzia...thank goodness Toronto is so close to us.)

Instagram / @allanaramaa


1. Tati is literally GOALS. I'm serious. She's everything I want to be when I grow up and so down to earth. I love her "wtf" series where she tries out outrageously priced makeup products to see if they're worth the hype. Recently though, her "5 minute smokey eye" tutorial has saved my morning routine. I'm so used to having such a long makeup process that I'm always looking for ways to chop down some time (and sleep in a little longer). 

Instagram / @glamlifeguru

2. Tanya Burr was one of the very first Youtubers I started watching almost seven years ago. This British beauty not only has her own makeup line now but also wrote her own cookbook. While all her lifestyle content has definitely been awesome, I do still love a good old makeup tutorial. The bold orange lip she paired with her simple eye look in her "spring drugstore makeup" video is definitely on my wishlist. 

Instagram / @tanyaburr


1. As some of you may know, I began working at Blush boutique recently and I cannot be happier. It's amazing to be a part of a team with such strong women I've looked up to for years now and getting to really experience working in fashion. And congrats on your bundle of joy, Lex! You're going to be such a beautiful mom. 

Instagram / @blushbuffalo

2. Some of you might remember the name Brett Andersen from my "Daily Look: Chunky cardigan" blog post a couple weeks back. I wanted to give him another shoutout because my friends inspire me on a daily basis. Couple months ago he wanted to learn about photography, so he bought a camera and is doing just that! I can't wait to see how far he can go. Make sure to follow him on Instagram (and on Twitter too if you're looking for a good laugh). 

Instagram / @fouryearbrett

Talking trends: Off the shoulder Pt. II

So now that I finally feel like the dust has settled and I'm finally getting used to my new schedule, here I am with my part 2 of Talking Trends!

Being that it's Sunday, I felt that this would be the perfect day for an outfit post. Every Sunday I tend to go through my closet and figure out my outfits for the week, so hopefully, this look can serve as some inspiration. 

I am a creature of habit, and as you saw in my last Talking Trends, I stick with all black because I know it's a classic look. But for this one, I had a little more fun.

I went with a colorful flat shoe to break up the blue monochromatic tones. If I hadn't been shooting in the middle of a field (props to Ryan Kell aka Seek Axiom for making me be adventurous) I would've styled this with a pair of block heels. 

One of my favorite ways to wear boyfriend jeans is with a heel! It adds a touch of girliness and lengthens your leg which can sometimes get lost in the baggier silhouette. 

 Top: Forever21 Jeans: Target (best boyfriend jeans I own!) Shoes: Toms from

Top: Forever21
Jeans: Target (best boyfriend jeans I own!)
Shoes: Toms from

I love all these off the shoulder styles that are playing into the poplin trend. There's nothing like a well-structured shirt to make you feel a little more sophisticated. This one from Forever 21 is a little bit thinner making it super lightweight for the summer months coming up! 



I love the "cold shoulder" look simply because you can still wear a regular bra. Let's be real ladies, no one likes strapless bras! You still get to play into the trend while being a little more comfortable. 


Thanks again to Ryan for these awesome photos! Be sure to follow him on Instagram @seekaxiom.

Stay tuned for my April Roundup, coming soon! 

Talking trends: Off the shoulder Pt. I

Today, I'm talking trends.

One of my favorite trends actually... the off the shoulder top. I'm not one to buy into what's "in" very easily since I do tend to have a more minimalist style, but for this, I'm on the bandwagon.

Super happy to say today's post is a local one! With some awesome photography from Ryan Kell (a.k.a. Seek Axiom) and this top from local contemporary clothing brand Once and For All Clothing, I brought you a go-to nighttime look for styling up this trend. 

 Top – OAFA Clothing Jeans – Zara Booties – Nordstrom  Necklace – Saks off 5th 

Top – OAFA Clothing
Jeans – Zara
Booties – Nordstrom
Necklace – Saks off 5th 

Molly Hoeltke Worth, the designer behind Once and For All, is one of the coolest women I've met. A total powerhouse. All the pieces are cut and sewn locally or at two other factories in the U.S. which I think is amazing. I don't think I've ever owned a piece of clothing that was made with so much care!

As we all know, I'm into the idea of capsule wardrobe where you invest in high quality pieces you love and can be styled in different ways. I can honestly say brand this is worth investing in. Whenever nice enough weather hits where I don't need to wear a jacket, the "NYA II" linen off the shoulder top makes an appearance in once of my outfits.




I'm old school in the sense that I find something as simple as showing off your shoulders can add some effortless sexiness to a look. Since my legs need some lunges before summertime, this has been my favorite way to still feel really powerful on a night out.


I tried on a medium and a large in this top but because I am a little bit more broad shouldered and have a large bust I went with the bigger size. I know this is going to be a summer staple for me. I'm so tempted to get it in white!  If you're in the area, you can find OAFA Clothing is at Modern Nostalgia and Anna Grace boutiques. 

Make sure to follow @seekaxiom on Instagram to get your daily dose of sick photos.

Stay tuned for my daytime look featuring my trusty boyfriend jeans, coming soon!

Daily Look: Chunky cardigan

If there's one thing to know about me it's that I have an addiction to cozy sweaters. Pullovers, longline cardigans, thin dusters - you name it, I have it. I love sweaters because I wear them all year and I especially love styling them for spring/summer. 

This sweater is one of my favorites simply because it's so soft. I got the quite the bargain during the Zara winter blowout online a few months back and I'm so happy it's part of my collection. 


Styled up with my some high waisted shiny leggings big sunglasses and these killer heels (literally killer, I switched to espadrilles halfway through my day), I was ready for a packed schedule of running around to meetings and coffee dates.

I don't know if it's just me, but unless I have a shoot planned, most people don't see what I wear on a daily basis (trying to get better at Instagram stories). Thankfully, my best friend lives around the corner and has a new camera he likes to play with.

So shoutout to Brett Andersen capturing this daily look in just 10 minutes in between my busy day! 

Go follow him @fouryearbrett



That's it for today! May your week be full of cute outfits & good vibes. 

March Roundup

Not sure if it's just me but I feel like the month of March flew by! Can't believe spring is almost here. Let's hope our Buffalo weather cooperates, shall we? 

Today I'm bringing you the second installment of my monthly roundup series. I've definitely got some good ones! 


1. Caitlin Covington of Southern Curls and Pearls is another blogger I've been following for ages. I think she's got that Southern Belle vibe down to a tee. My favorite look of heres from this month has definitely got to be "One Shoulder Ruffles in Charleston." She always knows how to make capsule pieces pop up by just accessorizing! 

Instagram / @cmcoving

2. I first discovered Samantha from here Youtube channel where I go hooked on her hauls and styling videos. But her blog is absolutely stunning! I love seeing the way British girls dress just because they're so elegant and experiment with trends first. Her latest look "Fuzzy Feelings" features a pair of cropped ruffle hem trousers that I am totally obsessed with.

Instagram / @samanthamariaofficial



1. Kayley Melissa is my go-to girl for all things hair. When I was in Charlotte this past month, I only brought my hair straighter but there was one night where I really wanted some pretty waves. Since I totally suck at the traditional curling method with the straightener where you have to twist your hair, I was super excited to find her video demonstrating an easier way to do it! Took a little practice but I was so happy with my beachy results. 

Instagram / @kayleymelissa

2. Casey Holmes is total goals. I'm obsessed with her Youtube videos and find that since we have very similar skin types, her foundation reviews are always so helpful. Not only is she beautiful, she's so real. Casey has such a fun personality you'll feel like you're watching your best friend. I'm dying to get my hands on her highlighter palette she just launched with Smashbox. It'll be so stunning for glowy makeup this summer!

Instagram / @caseyholmes91



1. If you're from Buffalo and haven't heard the name Rachel Good, you must living be under a rock! Not only is she a dear friend but through her repertoire of event planning in the fashion community, I have her to thank for a lot of my experience. I'm super excited to be on her team once again for the Buffalo Spree Spring Style show as well as Color the Runway 2017. Keep killin' it, Rach! 

Instagram / @rachelgood

2. Naa Quaye is such a #girlboss. She's launched her own clothing line after the idea was planted in her head four years ago when she took a trip to Ghana. When I asked her why she simply said, "I loved everything about the fabrics, prints and patters, so I told myself I needed to design my own collection one day. African people and culture is what inspires me everyday." Did I mention she sings, too? This girl is definitely going places, I can feel it! 

Instagram / @nkmstyling


I am so pumped about my room revamp that is finally a reality. I've been doing a few things here and there, which you would've seen in some of my latest instagram posts, but with painters schedules and a few art prints ordered I am seriously so excited to see my vision finally come to life. You will see a final update blog post sooner than I expected! 

If you're looking to make a gallery wall yourself, I've uploaded two prints I edited. Go ahead and use them! We can match ;). 

It's safe to say March was a crazy but amazing month. I cannot wait to see what April has in store!