Foodie on the go: Chicago day one

Brunching, Munching, and Boozing.

When your best friend moves to Chicago- naturally that means you plan a trip to visit for her birthday. So first off, happy birthday Kait! 

It's day two out of three of my trip but I quickly want to recap day one of eating. So I'm starting a new food series for when I'm out traveling: "foodie on the go." 

Whenever I'm on a trip, it's always somewhere where I'm out running around, doing a million things in one day. But food always takes a top priority. Between yelp reviews, stalking restaurant Instagram accounts, and trying to find "Chicago's Best Margarita" yesterday was pretty eventful.

BRUNCHING: [verb] a girl's favorite activity 

My friends live in Gold Coast City, so the options within walking distance of their building are endless. Lucky for me, Kait already has a favorite brunch spot: LPQ (Le Pain Quotiden). 

Upon walking in, you're greeted by a friendly staff, and pastry counter with all the goodies calling your name (I'm still thinking about the chocolate mousse cake I saw). The dining room is to your left, with a long wooden communal table in the middle. 

I've noticed one of the hardest parts about eating when I get to a new place are the number of options. Especially when I'm somewhere that has a ton of healthy options, I always end up in a toss up between a couple items. When it comes to food though my first rule is to always go with what I saw second- just because it caught my attention a little more than what I saw first. 

I decided because I'd be walking around most of the day, I could be  naughty and start my day off with a few carbs. I am a breadaholic, so when I saw the tartines came on wheat sourdough I knew I had to try one. 

I ended up getting the salmon tartine (similar to a flatbread) with avocado. And yes, it was as good as it looks.

LPQ has a couple different locations around the city and I will definitely be making this a must whenever I'm here! 

Le Pain Quotidien /10 E Delaware Pl

MUNCHING: [verb] snacking because you're starving and everything looks good 

Our conquest of the evening was figuring out how to celebrate Cinco De Mayo. On several top taco/margarita places in Chicago, it was no surprise that Big Star was going to be a hot spot for Cinco.

We arrived in Wicker Park around 9 p.m. only for a hostess to tell us 105 other parties were also waiting to celebrate. 

As we were walking away feeling a little defeated and silly for not making reservations, I noticed Big Star is smart a puts a to-go window in its giant outdoor seating area. We pranced on over to the line, got our tacos in about 15 minutes. Total win against waiting for an hour and a half for a table! 

It was a relatively nice evening so we found a big bench outside and I ate the best fish taco I have ever had in my life. No exaggerations (sorry Lloyd's). 

TACO DE PESCADO (bottom): beer battered tilapia fillet, chipotle mayo, cabbage, red onion, lime and cinaltro

TACO DE CHORIZO CORDERO / TACO ALAMBRE DE RES (top): spicy lamb and pork chorizo, spring onion crema, raddish, cilantro / grilled steak, green pepper, muenster cheese sauce, onion, xni-pec salsa, cilantro

Big Star / 1531 N Damen Ave

BOOZING: [verb] a weekend* activity where having a great time is a must 

*Yes, the weekend starts on Thursday

Considering none of us wanted to wait for an hour and a half to drink margaritas, we saw a sign down the road from Big star for $5 mojitos and $4 sangria- definitely the next best thing! This is a drink special at Blue Line bar in Wicker Park every Thursday. 

We ended our Cinco de Mayo celebration with a couple of mojitos, a huge plate of nachos,  and some Buffalo chicken roll ups. Needless to say, we were beyond happy on our subway ride home. 

Blue Line Lounge & Grill / 1548 N Damen Ave

Get ready for day two coming soon. Food keeps getting better and better.

Time to go get ready for sushi tonight!