Foodie on the go: Chicago day two


We had a late start to the day, after a morning spin at the gym. Post coffee- we were starving. 

Our next stop on the food tour was Lyfe Kitchen- a healthy food addict's dream. What I really think is cool is that there are different menus based on your dietary needs. Perfect if you're vegan or gluten-free.

As regulars at Lyfe Kitchen already, Kait already knew what she wanted long before we arrived. But being as hungry as I was, looking at that menu with the endless options was very overwhelming. I settled for something I knew would be good- something that had a few of my favorite things: a kale caesar salad with salmon.

Perfect portions and amazing atmosphere, Lyfe Kitchen gets an A+ from me. 

Lyfe Kitchen Kale Caesar: crunchy Romaine, baby kale, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, broccoli, Parmesan, breadcrumbs, Caesar dressing (added grilled salmon) 

Lyfe Kitchen / 831 N State St


Walking all day in the glorious 79-degree weather definitely made us a little thirsty. We stumbled upon a beachside spot called Caffe Olivia. I can only imagine how busy this place gets in the summertime- which only makes me excited to come back. 

Thinking we were just going to get water bottles, I conned Kait into getting a birthday cocktail after seeing the drink list.

We went with the Island Punch. It was like summer in a cup and a perfect little pick-me-up.

Caffe Oliva Rum Punch:  Captain Morgan White Rum, Triple Sec, orange, pineapple and cranberry juice

Caffe Oliva / Ohio Street Beach



After a little R&R, we made our way to RA Sushi Bar for dinner. It was definitely the highlight of the trip so far. We are all obsessed with sushi. Weeks before, Kait and her fiance told me we absolutely had to go there when I came. I am so glad that we did. 

I'm going to say it, I'm a sushi snob. I have it so much that I know exactly what I like and I try not to stray away from my usual. Two mojitos later, I felt a little adventurous and strayed. I am so glad I did.

All of us got our favorite hand rolls: spicy tuna, spicy shrimp and Philadelphia (salmon/avocado/cream cheese) but we especially enjoyed the specialty rolls.


CHILI SHRIMP ROLL (first): Crab and cream cheese rolled and lightly tempura battered, topped with spicy crab mix, crispy shrimp, cilantro and jalapeño; served with spicy mayo and Sriracha

CRAZY MONKEY (second/bottom:) Smoked salmon, mango and cream cheese rolled and topped with avocado, red tempura bits and cashews; drizzled with mango and sweet eel sauces

SHRIMP CALAMARI TEMPURA ROLL (third/right): Calamari and shrimp tempura with cucumber, avocado and cream cheese, rolled and topped with crunchy tempura bits; served with sweet eel sauce


Good food = awesome trips. 'Til next time ChiTown!