Foodie on the go: Lake Placid

I have a few food addictions, one being french onion soup, the second being eggs benedict. I find that each place that has staple menu items has their own twist so it's definitely a new experience each time. 

Main Street in Lake Placid is home to many restaurants. I think we went to a total of five in two days, each with their own charm.

The Breakfast Club | Cabin Grill Delta Blue | Generations | Smoke Signals

Benedict Addict

I don't know if it's just us, but one of our favorite things to do together is to go get breakfast. Needless to say, I was thrilled when our first stop The Breakfast Club had an entire section of the menu dedicated to eggs Benedict.


 Every time I try and go out of my comfort zone and get something new, I immediately fall back on this classic. It's too good to say no. Dave actually got a version of a benny with a filet instead of Canadian bacon which made for a hearty, filling meal. Plus, their home fries were up to par! Yay! 

I had my second eggs Benedict dish at the Cabin Grill, the breakfast place in our hotel. After a mishap with a southwestern omelet that had peppers in it (I hate peppers and it wasn't part of the menu description) they made me a speedy Benny to replace it. I loved the different take on the hollandaise sauce. It was much more lemony in taste. This was proof that the universe thinks I need to stick with this dish for breakfast. It's my one true love.

Quest for the best French onion soup

When the weather is chilly and you've been walking around most of the day, there's nothing like sharing a soup before your meals come to get that warm comforting feeling you've been after all day. 

Our first one was at the Delta Blue restaurant inside our hotel. It was good, nothing crazy out of this world. I actually got shrimp and grits that night for dinner since it's a southern style restaurant, definitely one of my favorite meals!

Our first soup stop was the Upstairs Grill. While it was kind of hard to find since it's above Starbucks, I was so ready for a cozy soup when lunch time rolled around. This classic and flawless, not too salty and just the right amount of cheese. 


I've been searching and searching and I can't find a menu online. Thankfully, all of the restaurants have their own menus posted outside the restaurant so you're able to get a sense of what's available before walking in. While their pasta was average for the price, I would definitely get the soup again. Might be better suited to be a drink and apps before dinner kind of place! 

For dinner, we still had that same soup craving since we weren't starving and a fried appetizer wasn't on the tip of our taste buds. We went to Generations, part of the Golden Arrow Resort across the street for a German take on this style soup. I loved that they made the soup with beer and pretzels instead of bread or croutons. The Munster cheese melted on top was my favorite part!

If I could have the consistency of the first soup which had a little less salt, and this cheese on top, that would be the perfect combo. 

When at least seven people recommend the same BBQ place, you go to the BBQ place

So I highly suggested if you go to Lake Placid, don't wait to go to a 9 p.m. dinner. It wasn't on purpose, we just weren't crazy hungry after two pretty big meals earlier in the day. Smoke Singals smokes all their meats daily so by the time we go there, they were out of a few things. It's okay though because what we did have was amazing. Dave's roommate recommended this place before we went, a couple of store clerks, our hotel concierge and one of the highest Yelp rated restaurants we knew we had to get over here before we left. 

I ended up getting lamb sliders with a mint aioli, tomato and feta. They were so crisp and fresh and tasted a little bit like a gyro. I loved them! It was the perfect portion for me. I joked and said, "this is how girls can eat at a bigger is better BBQ place."

My second option was the veggie tower with a balsamic glaze just because I wanted something lighter. I think our waiter thought I might be vegetarian and also told me they do a smoked tofu you can get in a wrap or as a salad topper. I think it's so nice when restaurants cater to vegetarian visitors too! 


My second suggestion, go with an empty stomach. Dave's Reuben was the mac daddy of all Reubens. With a hefty side of bacon mac and cheese, he couldn't finish and honestly, I don't think anyone would've. So worth it though.

With a friendly staff full of stories and charismatic chats, our last minute dinner at Smoke Signals was one of the highlights of the trip.  

One of my favorite parts of traveling, and life in general, is going out to eat. It's always so much fun to discover new places in a new town or try out a restaurant that just opened up here at home. I'm happy with our Lake Placid dining experience.