Room Revamp: Inspiration

I'm one of those people who considers their bedroom one of their happy places. The way the sunlight fills the space has always made me so calm. My simple summer evening routine includes lighting a candle, hopping into bed with a huge plush blanket since I keep my room at subzero temperatures, and watch a few episodes of Grey's Anatomy. Sometimes I throw in a face mask for an added level of relaxation. 

Sometimes nights to yourself are all you need to recover from a long weekend or workday. Am I right, ladies? 

A few years ago, with the help of my best friend Kait, we painted my room and my dream space started to come to life. I've never moved, so it's gone from white to baby pink, to lavender, to teal and tan, to now a sophisticated light grey.

While I'm still in love with my room's aesthetic, my coverlet is getting a bit old, and I'm aching to start a gallery wall. 

With that said, I'm going to start a new lifestyle series called "Room Revamp." Go on the journey with me to create my perfect dream space, and maybe you'll be inspired to revamp your space, too! 




I recently purchased my new coverlet from Wayfair. I really wanted to keep the white textured theme I had with my previous one that was from Nate Berkus for Target line. 

Needless to say, once I was online, I got sucked into Pinterest and found a grey sweater blanket from Target that I immediately  put it on my wishlist. And of course, I ended up finding few throw pillows I want to get, too. 

Pro-tip: you can buy a cheap 16x16 pillow insert from H&M Home for $7. Most of the designs I found are just pillow covers, which is nice because you can wash them! 

I think my plan is definitely going to be to have a two or three staple pillows that match my color scheme, and depending on the season switch out accent pillows. There's no such thing as too many...

After surfing Pinterest I stumbled upon Sarah Dorsey Designs: How to Mix and Match Pillows. I really love the idea mixing a leaf print and navy blue for summertime. Knowing me, I love that combo so much I would keep it for a few seasons.

I am beyond excited for my new bedding to come in, next paycheck, those pillows are mine!  

Next up, my DIY gallery wall. Stay tuned.