Skincare stars for sensitive skin

Hi everyone! Long time no blog, but with spring break, I decided a little hiatus was much needed. Everyone needs a social media cleanse every now and then! But today I'm back with one of my favorite topics, skincare. 

I have very sensitive temperamental skin and with the weather changing it can get even more crazy. I'd definitely define my skin type as combination with a slight bit of rosacea (redness). It's drier in the winter and oily in the summer. Luckily, I've never really suffered from acne. 

Through the years I think I've really developed a routine that works. These are my holy grail products and will always be in my collection. 

After years of watching UK beauty gurus on YouTube talk about micellar waters, I am so excited we have finally gotten them here! This is such a crucial step for me in makeup removal, and really gets everything off much easier than makeup wipes. When I had lash extensions, it was especially gentle on the eyes. I just use a cotton pad, put it on my eye for a couple seconds, and rub off every so slightly. Makeup wipes for eyes were just getting a little too abrasive, but if I'm in a pinch or traveling, they're definitely a go-to. What's great about both these products is they're from the drugstore and don't break the bank.

After my makeup removal, I always take the extra step to wash my face. You never really get everything off. Fresh Farmacy from Lush is my absolute favorite cleanser. It's infused with rose, lavender and chamomile to "sooth dry patches" and I find it helps with my redness. If you do have issues with acne, it also has tea tree oil which helps with that. I find it lasts for ages because it's a solid, bar of soap type of product. 

For exfoliators I finally took the plunge and bought one from Boscia I had been eyeing up for ages. It's a physical and chemical exfoliate that gets all the dead skin off. Gross, but effective. Whenever I fall asleep in my makeup, or really just feel like my skin feels extra dry, I use this and feel brand new. It's really improved the texture of my skin. I use this once or twice a week.

Here's when my investments come into play. I have tried drugstore moisturizers, and while they're good, for my skin type I need something more. Between lots of saved up Sephora giftcards and beauty insider points, I got these two products. What I love about skincare that's a little more pricy is that a little goes a long way, so it lasts for a while! With drugstore moisturizers, I found I was using a lot of product. 

This Belif moisturizer is my absolute favorite I have ever tried. I was having a really rough time with dryness this winter and it really saved me. To wake up with hydrated skin that doesn't feel tight was the best feeling! I'm not sure if it really lasts 26 hours, but it definitely lasts a long time. I can totally tell a difference when I don't use it. 

The Algenist eye cream is the first I've tried and only purchased it because I had a gift card. It's definitely good, but I'm ready to try others, like the First Aid Beauty one, once it runs out. What I've noticed is that it doesn't matter how much your eye cream is, it's about keeping that area hydrated. I really believe having good skin leads into having a good makeup day. It makes everything glide on effortlessly. 

My last and most favorite category is definitely masks. I love a quick pampering session after a long day. The Sephora $6 sheet masks are awesome just because there's a variety. You'll be able to find one that works for what you want. I love the pomegranate that is for anti-fatigue and energizing. But my favorite mask every is the Glam Glow Thirstymud treatment. I just buy the travel size version (my previous one lasted over a year). This is the kind of mask you leave on, so I'll use it overnight or when I travel. 

One thing I'm still on the hunt for is a serum, and when I find it, you'll all be first to know! Make sure to follow me on Instagram (@luciavictoria) to see mini Sephora hauls. I always post when I find something new I love. 

That's all for now!