Weekend outfits: Chicago

I didn't really realize that I wore black and white all weekend when I was in Chicago until I was going back to look at photos. I'm a creature of habit, but hopefully there will be a little more color in my summer wardrobe. No guarantees. ;) 

Chicago weather was much like Buffalo's on my trip, teetering between 80-degrees and chillier mid-50s. I opted for layers and comfort, keeping in mind my exercise that weekend would consist of mostly walking.

In preparation for my trip- I found a pair of Adidas that not only streamline my spin class looks but also work for that street style vibe. 

Surprised it was such a chilly night when I arrived Thursday, I ended up pairing my Adidas with my favorite duster coat, a lightweight scarf, one of my go-to tank top and black jeans (both a part of my wardrobe essentials)- I was super comfy but still ready for a nighttime outing. ICYMI- Our outing that evening was a trip to Big Star in Wicker Park. Almost two weeks later, I'm still craving those fish tacos.

We lucked out with much better weather my second day in Chicago. It was beautifully sunny, so we took advantage and walked all over town. Pretty sure our phones tracked that we walked about 10 miles! For this unseasonable 80-degree day, I broke out shorts for the first time since Christmas vaca. 


The next day, I really wanted to go a comfy Saturday vibe. Taking a very fool-proof outfit with leggings a tank and cardigan, I played around with textures (moto leggings and a chunky cardi) and accessories to make it my own.  I love these gladiator sandals I just purchased. They really add a pop of edge to a look without trying too hard. You can't tell in the photo, but one of my favorite tricks to break up a look with oversize pieces is to side tie my tank top. It just gives you a little more shape.

When I was buying a bag for spring, I really loved the style of the coach one I got but I wasn't 100% sure on the navy color. Breaking all the fashion rules here, I ended up wearing it with all my outfits and it added a pop of color. I think navy can really add some interest to a monochrome outfit (plus I've never been a fan of black bags). 

Now that the weather's changing you can definitely expect more fashion content from me! I'm so excited for spring and summer. Let the shopping begin.

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 12.10.51 PM.png