Spring transition outfits

Whenever February rolls around, I go nuts...


Well because February means we're just about one more month away from spring and we all know how I love my transitional outfits. 

I've had a major clear out of my wardrobe and I feel like it needs a good capsule refresh. So this past weekend I came up with some outfit inspiration with a few pieces I already had and you might have too!  Here's what I put together.

I've always been a huge statement jewelry fan and I'm so happy this big boho style statement collar necklace is back. Who said trends can't come and go? My favorite thing to do is take a simple outfit and dress it up with accessories. As for the booties, I think I'm definitely adding a maroon pair to my collection for spring/summer. I wear so many neutrals, it'll be the perfect subtle pop. Plus I feel like they'll look so fierce in the summertime with a little white flowy dress. Is it bad I can't wait for summer fashion already?  I'll stop, for now ;).  

The older I get the more minimal I get. I know it's a little bit cold still, but I'm thinking about this sort of look for March. (Outfit post anyone!?) One of my favorite ways to wear my leather skirt is with a big oversized sweater so you can just see a little bit of the leather peeking out of the bottom. Then having the over the knee boots with just a small amount  thigh showing makes me feel like so sassy, yet sophisticated at the same time.  The coats in my closet are more of a blush tan and gray color, but I'm still dying for camel. Hoping I'll find one on clearance somewhere!

There's something about running errands that just gets to me. I love wandering around on weekends by myself just enjoying the day and getting things done. I don't really go full glam with makeup, my hair is usually in a bun, but with a fun jacket, I feel like a million bucks. It's a new routine but I wake up and do a mellow yoga video, throw on my Zara shearling jacket & some comfy slip-ons and head out the door. Also, can we talk about this workout moto legging trend!? I'm dying for the Alo Yoga ones. I'm making them a present to myself if I hit my fitness goal by May. Who said workout clothes can't be cute?!

The jacket and shoes are totally interchangeable. I think once spring really hits I'll switch out my shearling one for white denim and maybe a patterned or white sneaker instead! 

While it's still parka season, I'm hopeful Buffalo. These gray days won't dwindle my inspiration.


Like what you see? I linked some goodies!