Amusement Park Survival Guide

 Photo by Ryan Kell /  Instagram @seekaxiom

Photo by Ryan Kell / Instagram @seekaxiom


My Memorial Day weekend was well spent with friends at Darien Lake and I can't wait to share my amusement park survival guide with you guys! 

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These tips and tricks will make sure you’re well prepared.


One of the coolest parts about Darien Lake has definitely got to be their amenities! Whether you're just looking for a weekend getaway or entertaining family from out of town, the Cabin Villages are a perfect option! 

I stayed in Cabin Village A and they were adorable!  I’d definitely call this “glamping.” If you've ever seen "Tiny House" on HGTV, that's the vibe you get in these tricked out cabins. With a full kitchen, refrigerator, fireplace and AC, you'll be able to customize your stay however you please. 

With a spacious sleeping loft, pull out couch, bunk beds and queen size bed, a family of 4-5 adults fits comfortably! 

I'd say if you're planning on getting a cabin, definitely come prepared with charcoal for the grill, firewood, and of course, smores essentials. 

You'll also need:

• Pillows, sleeping bags/blankets - especially if you plan on utilizing the loft! 
• Food - because there are a refrigerator and charcoal grill, you could totally whip up your own meal for breakfast or a last night snack
• Toiletries – the cabins have a full bathroom, which means you'll be able to refresh yourself after a long day at the park. While mini shampoo and conditioners are provided, I always like to bring my own. Bath & BodyWorks aromatherapy lavender vanilla body wash puts me right to sleep! 


I like to bring a medium size crossbody bag whenever I'm going to be out and about all day.  These are some of my essentials. 

 THE GIANT WHEEL / Photo by Ryan Kell /  Instagram @seekaxiom

THE GIANT WHEEL / Photo by Ryan Kell / Instagram @seekaxiom

1. A map: if you're not familiar with the park, having a map is super handy. Sometimes not everyone in your group will be a ride fanatic, so having a common meeting place, like The Giant Wheel, is a great idea. You can't miss it! 

2. Beauty essentials  & Sunglasses: Some of the beauty products I like to keep on hand in the summertime are setting powder, a little brush, concealer, my beauty blender and refreshing wipes. Summer means hot weather and as a Buffalonian, I'm not a fan of 80 degrees unless I'm at a beach. These essentials will get you through your day and be available for quick touch ups! 

Whatever you do, don't bring your $200+ sunglasses with you! I'm one of those people who'd totally rather be safe than sorry! And while I love my RayBans and Quay sunnies, I like to take care of them. I'm constantly just throwing my sunglasses back in my purse while I'm at the park so bring a pair that's easily replaceable. My trendy mirrored pair were just $10 on Amazon!


My last tip includes two of my favorite things: food and rides. Now I'm the one that says, "Let's get on the Twister!" not realizing all of my friends haven eaten a huge meal. The reason I'm always ready for rides is that I really make it a point to share my food. If I know I'm going to be twisting and turning , I think this is such an easy way to avoid getting an upset stomach.

Plan a part of your evening where you decide that you're done with rides and then you can eat all the fried dough in the world. I swear DL's fried dough is the size of a pizza! Seven of us were able to share it. 

I hope this little survival guide inspires you to take a trip to Darien Lake this summer! I had so much fun during my stay there and it really brought back some of my favorite childhood memories. Thank you Darien Lake for your amazing hospitality ( Mary you were amazing!)

I know I'll be back at DL later this summer. Once that heat wave hits, I'm so ready for some fun at Splash Town.

Til next time!