Let's get personal.

Writing was always an escape for me, ever since I was a naive seventeen-year-old girl writing on her Tumblr. So today I'm bringing that back. Today, we're getting personal.

I sat in my bedroom yesterday afternoon trying to decide what to wear for an important meeting, flipping through Instagram, admiring all the beautiful photos my fellow Buffalo bloggers have been taking and fashion week shots. 

Then I went through my own Instagram and realized, I don't post pictures of myself anymore. "Why?" I thought, "You're a blogger. Get in the game." 

Then it clicked.  I am not comfortable.  I'm an extremely happy person, but I'm not comfortable. 

Hell, it's my first year of actual adulthood so it's okay if I'm on a rollercoaster, right? 

I went from being in college doing two-a-days at the gym, to working in a restaurant running around every day to sitting at a desk and life just kind of happened. I gained weight and I didn't do anything other than stop working out. 

This is no pity party. This is just me admitting, I can't fake it.

As a blogger, this obviously sucks. I want to go on shoots and live the life,  but when I see a camera and clam up, it's a little bit difficult.

So that's why I'm sharing. I want all of you out there, whether you know me personally or just follow me on Instagram, to know that it's okay to not feel your best and accept that.

I'm working on it. I'm making lifestyle changes and switching up my priorities it's already helping. I can feel my confidence creeping back. 

Once summer hits, #OOTD will be my middle name, but the meantime... bare with me. 

Today, I'm just admittedly human.