Nickel City Skincare x Buffalo Gal Organics

  Imagine walking into a skincare haven knowing that all the ingredients in your products are safe, natural and created by an actual chemist. 

Sounds like a dream right? It’s not! All you need to do is take a trip to Buffalo Gal Organics, right in the heart of Williamsville. 


This wasn’t my first time visiting BGO, but it was me first time getting a facial, ever.

As someone who has sensitive dry skin, facials used to scare me! What drew me to getting one with Kristine Koch of Nickel City Skincare is that she’s actually using all of the natural products from Buffalo Gal Organics and her room is conveniently in the store! 


You begin the process by filling out a questionaire that asks in depth questions about your skincare history and what your concerns are. For a first timer, I really felt as though this experience was going to be completely catered to me and it was!  

When you’re getting a facial with Kristine, she does what makes sense for your skin and makes you feel really confident that you’re being taken care of. I kid you not I probably asked 100 questions.

 If you’re weary of facials or just unsure of what might work for you, you can book a 15 min complimentary consultation and get some answers before you book the full service! 

Kasia Cummings, owner of Buffalo Gal Organics, and Kristine were actually childhood friends who reconnected. 

 ”You an’t just do this with anyone, you have to have people who are in the same page and who want to be in service,” Kasia said 

 Immediately after I saw less redness and my dry patches were gone! 

Immediately after I saw less redness and my dry patches were gone! 

I  left there with a new well rounded understanding of what I could be doing differently to get these results at home.

“Skin took some time to get to the state that it’s in it’s going to take a while to get back. You have to do that makes sense for you and I’m here to help with that,” Kristine said


If you’re looking for some last minute Mother’s Day presents, I have something excited for you... you can get 15% off your purchase at Buffalo Gal Organics online with the code ILOVELUCY or by mentioning this blog post. 

Additionally, Kristine is also offering 15% off any service with Nickel City Skincare with the code ILOVELUCY as well. Just put it in the “notes” section when you go to book. 

I cannot thank Kasia and Kristine enough for really helping me understand my skin better & for having me!  I now have two new holy grail products added to my skincare routine which I’ll be taking about soon! 

  Disclaimer: services were gifted for my honest review.