Midweek Motivation


It's Wednesday. 

Today I'm taking a step back and instead of getting cranky from those midweek winter blues, I'm switching gears and focusing on some midweek motivation. I feel like the month of January has flown by so with a new month and a new mindset, I'm ready to start living the way I want to! 

Sometimes I feel as though 9-5 can be draining. I miss mornings to myself, but there's nothing a new routine can't fix. This week I've taken into account that routines will be my best friend. If I have a reason to look forward to Wednesday night spin or tea and a book, things won't seem so dreary and gloomy – I blame that on the weather most days. 

Here are some of my tips I plan on following: 

  • Pick a day where you're going to give yourself a little R&R. If you're crazy like me, you know what days you're probably going to wash your hair (dry shampoo club, I'm talking to you!) So why not make a night of it? Give yourself a hair mask, then exfoliate,  put a face mask on too, do your nails. An at home spa night early in the week can really perk you up.
  • Go late night grocery shopping. I actually find grocery shopping at night relaxing. I'm a night owl, so after the gym, I will grab what I need for the week. It makes it a lot more relaxing when you beat the after-work crowd. Then I get home and try to meal prep for the rest of the week.
  • Make your phone background something to motivate you. This is something I always like to do. If I'm seeing something positive throughout the day, I think it can really have a placebo effect on your mood. (SEE BELOW FOR DOWNLOADS!)
  • Workout & veg-out. Now that #TGIT is back, I make Thursdays my day where I know I'm going to go to the gym and watch Scandal while sipping on a smoothie when I get home. I normally really like Thursdays but this makes it extra special. 
  • Get up early. I'm one of those people that usually sleeps until the last possible minute. Making a point to wake up earlier and take time with your morning routine can prepare you for the day. I find when I do this I'm just more awake and enjoy the rest of my workday more.

Whether you do one or all of these, I hope you can conquer your week! Don't just go through the motions. 

These are a few backgrounds I made! Phone users, just hold down and click save the image.